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Alsace is one of the top white wine regions of France, producing terroir-driven wines with pure fruit expression. Authenticity, elegance and balanced fruit flavours combine to create a range of wonderful wines to be shared and enjoyed.

The webcasts and video links on this site feature a range of experts, wines and top tips. New videos and links are frequently posted so there is always something new to discover.

Become a fan and discover more about Alsace Wines, special events and the wine producers.

Visit our international site for more great information about Alsace Wines and its producers.

RT @AlsaceWines: Pair Turbot, King of Fish, with Alsace's King of Grapes, Riesling! https://t.co/IrrlXw7pQZ @gbchefs #DrinkAlsace https://tpic.twitter.com/FR26aZZfUx 28 August 2016

RT @DianeCapri: A Consumer’s Guide: The Wines of Alsace, France #drinkalsace https://t.co/GqnTsaS8aD via @PennySadler 28 August 2016

RT @AlsaceWines: Bank Holiday Inspiration: Pair a luxurious seafood platter with a fruity Sylvaner or steely Riesling! #DrinkAlsace https:/pic.twitter.com/YYmsEdTSWF 28 August 2016

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